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Eniko Parrish Accepts Kevin Hart's Apology, Wants To Move Forward In Marriage


Eniko Parrish has accepted Kevin Hart’s public apology to forgive him for “bad behavior” in the wake of an extortion scandal and cheating rumors.

A source tells E! News that the 32-year-old expectant mother has announced that she’s ready to move on in their marriage and has forgiven the actor and comedian for his mistakes.

“Eniko is aware of what’s going on and that Kevin is not perfect,” the insider explained. “She has accepted his apology and is focused on her pregnancy and what’s to come. She has no plans for divorce. She believes Kevin is a good husband and always comes home to her.”

Hart and Parrish tied the knot in August 2016 and announced that they were expecting their first child together on Mother’s Day of 2017. 

Since posting his Instagram apology on Sunday, Hart and Parrish’s marriage has been under great scrutiny. The massive amount of press the story is receiving is what reportedly bothers the Parrish the most. 

“She is bothered that these stories find their way into the press and that people are asking her about it,” the source said. “But she does her best to ignore it all and move forward. She listens to her husband and is not going to get stressed out. She is supporting him and standing by him.”

The alleged extortion case is being handled by the FBI.


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