Missouri has made history by voting Progressive Democrat Cori Bush as its first Black congresswoman of the 1st Congressional District.

According to The Associated Press, Bush (D) received 84.3% of the vote over Anthony Rogers (R), who received 13.9%. The Hill states “Bush has run on a wholly progressive platform, supporting “Medicare for All,” criminal justice reform and a $15 federal minimum wage.”

As her family and team gathered on stage for her acceptance speech, Errol Bush spoke to his daughter’s constituents: “I am Cori’s dad, thank you for all of you for being here this evening on such a wonderful evening. The day was so beautiful. [We] got a chance to get out to vote and even for those who didn’t want to vote, they didn’t have any excuse not to go out.”

The Congresswoman-elect celebrated her historic win on Twitter by sharing a picture of herself, in front of a portrait of Shirley Chisholm, another Black woman in politics who broke barriers.

Back in St. Louis, Missouri, Errol Bush was overwhelmed sharing his daughter’s big win with her supporters: “My daughter Cori Bush is going to be Congresswoman, the first Black congresswoman of the 1st Congressional District. Cori is going to Congress but she is not going to Congress without each and every one of you guys.”

He continued: “I’m truly elated, thanking God for the promotion of my daughter. It’s an awesome feeling,” said Bush.

As her father stepped aside on the podium, wearing a purple tee-shirt emblazoned with “Nurse, Activist, Mother: Bold Leader for Congress,” Bush stepped onstage wearing a multicolored block mask and matching dress.

“This is definitely a night to remember. This has been a historic day from the beginning to the end and I cannot wait to see what happens,” said Cori Bush.

“To all of you that are here right now, thank you for showing up. It’s one thing to support on paper and on social media, it’s another thing to showing up… I appreciate every single one of you that have stood by me… Everyone that took the jabs, the criticism [when they said] she cannot win, she won’t do it, it cannot happen, she doesn’t have a machine… And you still stood [by me], so thank you.”

Bush continued: “To all the Ferguson Front Line activists… We talk about everybody else and every other group when we talk about supporting and fighting for Black lives. We don’t talk about Ferguson Front Line that put their bodies on the line for more than 400 days for this movement. Let’s lift them up right now. For every single person that’s listening that’s a Ferguson Frontliner, this is for you and this win this win is for you.”

She added… “And to you, the people of St Louis, this is for you…”

Click here for Cori Bush’s full acceptance speech.

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