A 21-year-old Texas man is being accused of attacking Black people, just because of the color of their skin, all due to the fact that his mother is dating a Black man. According to Click2Houston, the incident began on Jan. 7. Police say Albert Gallegos came up on a 92-year-old Black man from behind at a bus stop in southeast Houston and viciously attacked the older man leaving him unconscious, court documents read. The victim did not know Gallegos, according to police. KHOU11 reports that witnesses said the attack was unprovoked. He is currently facing charges of injury to an elderly person in the case. The reporting officer noted, according to Click2Houston, that after reading other cases “involving the suspect and the suspect is obviously a violent person and has hatred towards African Americans because [his] mother is dating a black male. After reading these reports about the suspect’s history I can clearly see the suspect is picking his victims on the basis of their skin color, the victim in [the officer’s] case is a 92-year-old black male who has never dealt with or had any type of interaction with the suspect.” The officer added that he believes “the suspect’s vicious attack against the complainant is a hate crime.” Investigators identified Gallegos as the suspect in the attack before discovering that he had a warrant out for aggravated assault against a family member. On Christmas day, he allegedly threatened to kill his mother and her boyfriend while wielding a large kitchen knife on because he did not approve of their relationship. He appeared in court on Thursday for the family assault charge and had his bond set at $20,000. TOPICS: