Celebrity radio and TV personality Egypt Sherrod has had a fun-filled summer traveling the world and even going skydiving with her new hubby. But earlier this month she was hit with the ultimate summer surprise — she is expecting a bundle of joy!

Egypt, who is due in January, sat down with ESSENCE.com to chat about her pregnancy excitement and how she’s preparing for motherhood.

ESSENCE.com: Congrats Egypt! Tell us about when you first discovered the good news about your pregnancy?
EGYPT SHERROD: Thank you! It was definitely a surprise and didn’t seem real for a while. It was unplanned but God always has the master plan. When the doctor told me I pretty much hit the floor! [Laughs] I actually went skydiving in May and little did we know that I was pregnant then. When I jumped out of the plane at 13,000 feet in the air, that was the first time I felt nauseous and I thought it was from the air pressure. But even after the skydiving the nausea was consistent. Now we know why!

ESSENCE.com: Did you and your husband talk about having children and starting a family?
EGYPT: My husband and I knew we always wanted more kids but in some time. I have a 10-year-old step-daughter and we have a wonderful relationship. We just got married last year and planned to just be newlyweds and travel the world for a while. I work a lot and it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen this year., but it did and we’ve adjusted to the idea that the time is now.

ESSENCE.com: Mariah Carey and Nick went on a babymoon before the twins arrived. Is that something you’ll plan?
EGYPT: A babymoon! [Laughs] It sounds like a lot of fun although the doctor usually says that you shouldn’t go anywhere in your last month or two of pregnancy just in case the baby comes. So I’m staying close to my doctor!

ESSENCE.com: Do you have any baby name ideas?
EGYPT: We are going to wait until the baby is here to decide what to name the child. I strongly believe in looking at a child and feeling a child’s energy and aura before giving it a name. There are very few surprises in life so we’re also waiting to find out the sex of the baby after I deliver.

ESSENCE.com: How would you sum up how you’re feeling right now?
EGYPT: I’ve gone through a gamut of emotions. I went from shock to being petrified because I wonder will I be a good mom. Then I was elated and then nervous all over again. Right now I’m in a state of peace. I am very happy that God chose me to be the mother of this amazing child that is going to enter the world. This baby is truly a blessing.


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