Charges Dropped Against Dyma Loving In Miami-Dade Police Brutality Video
On March 5th, Dyma Loving, 26, a Miami area resident, called 911 after Frank Tumm verbally assaulted and pulled a gun out on her. But as with a lot of situations involving Black people and the police, things took a tragic turn when Loving was brutally assaulted by Officer Alejandro Giraldo. Video of the March incident went viral after Loving posted it to Facebook, and last week, Giraldo was suspended pending an investigation. But the damage was already done. Not only did Loving suffer physical and emotional injuries, but she was also charged with resisting arrest. “I’ve been crying and sad ever since, like every day. I’ve had to take off work because my body is physically in pain. My elbow is scratched up and really nasty. My forearm is nasty. It’s swollen. I went to the hospital for my neck and my back because I thought he had crushed my throat. I couldn’t talk for three days because my throat was so sore. I can’t even pick up my one-year-old daughter because my arm and my back hurt so bad,” she told ESSENCE. Loving enlisted the help of civil rights attorney Justin A. Moore, who held a press conference in Miami on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, Moore announced that all charges against Loving have been dropped. “We are pleased that the State Attorney’s Office dismissed Dyma’s manufactured charges. That was low hanging fruit. Now we wait for them to find the courage to seek justice against the true perpetrator of criminal behavior that day, Officer Alejandro Giraldo,” Justin Moore, Loving’s attorney, stated. With the charges dropped, and the investigation still on-going, Loving is currently still recovering from her injuries and hasn’t been able to work. A GoFundMe was created in assisting her with medical and legal fees.  


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