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It’s official. Bravo’s” Real Housewives” franchise is heading to the nation’s capital. As the network searches for the D.C. cast, our favorite honorary Atlanta “Housewife” Dwight Eubanks shares his tips for the newest crop of women and what it takes to be a reality star.

Clean Out Your Closet
“If you have skeletons in the closet, don’t do this show because they will come out,” is Dwight’s first message to wannabe housewives. He is adamant to future housewives to take the time to clean house before getting in front of the camera.

Get Ready For the Fame
“I had no idea that the notoriety would be like this. My life will never will be the same. I’ve met some amazing people and met some complete idiots. You can’t just go shopping without people just wanting a photo.”

Bring on the Drama
“What’s popular is the drama. America loves scandal. If you don’t have drama or stand up for what you believe in, you may not be a fit. They aren’t looking for the good girls. They look for the Frankie, like Keyshia Cole’s mom. Anytime you put women together it will be drama,” he says.

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The divo also advices new wives to the franchise to take note from former Atlanta “Housewives” star Deshawn Snow, who was released after the first season. “Deshawn is an amazing woman. She wants to save the world like Mother Teresa and she didn’t last. That’s not what people want to look at. The more drama you have, the more popular you become.”

Prepare to See True Colors
“I’ve seen where you think you know people but you really don’t. There are people who will do anything to be a part of the entourage. It’s almost like being addicted to drugs. The camera has that kind of power and people get addicted. It becomes so cut throat, unnecessarily.”


Remember It’s Entertainment
“Reality TV has taken the place of the music industry. People are obsessed and it has taken off. In the 40’s and 50’s they had real actors, so it will be interesting what real actors do from here. All the shows with big ratings are reality, so they aren’t paying for scripts, writers, actors or anything.”

Grow Some Skin
“You have to have some thick skin to do this. When you are in the public eye, you will be scrutinized and crucified. It’s a package deal. All the negative things about me I find hilarious. People really believe what they see online which isn’t always necessarily true. You have to have a great sense of humor and remember what you stand for.”

Change Lives
Through all the drama and “dreadful” moments Dwight is humbled by the outpouring of love from fans, including one lady who wrote to him he saved her life. “She was having a hard time and on the brink of suicide, with a terminally ill mom and children that wouldn’t listen to her. She said watching me made her turn it around. I still don’t realize what I did, but am glad to have been able to help.”

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