So you got the interview. Congratulations!

This is a tough time to score a new gig. The job market has never been more competitive. (Employers cut 159,000 U.S. jobs in September, according to the Associated Press.)

Poor economy aside, you’re almost there. One way to improve your odds is wearing the perfect outfit to suit your potential position.

This is not the time for risks. No leggings, lace or low-cut tops.

It’s best to stick to a classic, tailored look. Consider the position you’re applying for and dress like you would on your very best day.

This is where it gets a little tricky. Some positions are truly conservative. But a boring dark suit lacks personality. If you’re going for a buttoned-up job, do wear a black suit. But pair it with a rich jeweled-colored blouse like this emerald cami, $178, at Or go for this budget-friendly version, about $20, at





Other jobs are more in between. You may still feel a suit is appropriate, but want to show off your personal style too. This belted teal Tahari suit, $498, at, has the extra details to show off your attitude. We also love this short-sleeved jacket and dress combo, $69, at





And then there are the employers who are actually turned off by a suit. If you work in a creative field, choose an interview outfit that confirms your creativity. We love this bold violet 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, $625, at A close comparison is this Velvet Dior dress, $123, at Pair either dress with classic pumps and a sharp black motorcycle jacket and you’re sure to get the job.