Egyptians aren’t taking any chances. The government has ordered Health Ministry workers to slaughter approximately 300,000 pigs in the country to prevent the spread of the Swine Flu, according to the Associated Press. The ruling was a stark reminder of the fear and panic many people are experiencing these days.

Angry pig farmers are attempting to fight back by blocking the streets and throwing rocks at cars to prevent the Health Ministry from getting to their animals and revenue.

Other countries are following suit. In Jordan, the government has asked that their five pig farms be shut down where 400 pigs will be killed and the other 400 will be relocated to an area away from people.

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Health expects confirm that killing large quantities of pigs is unnecessary and a waste of resources, but Egypt was one of the countries hardest hit by the 2003 Bird flu and as a result are being extremely cautious.—WLW

Do you think the Egyptian government has gone too far?