Won’t He Do It: Anonymous Donor Pays Off Pennsylvania Church’s $4 Million Mortgage
Facebook/First African Baptist Church of Darby Township

It’s not often that someone comes out of no where and pays all your bills, but for a Pennsylvania church their prayers were answered. 

The First African Baptist Church in Sharon Hill was in total shock when its pastor found out someone had anonymously paid off their entire $4 million mortgage bill.

“We got a call from Citizens Bank that said ‘you’re free of your mortgage,’” Pastor Dent of First African Baptist Church told Fox 29.

“In the black community, the church is the only thing we ever had to call our own,” Dent said. “When we couldn’t go to Civic Center or Union League, we always had the church. It is here where our children learn how to speak, how to stand before audiences.”

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The church was founded in 1903 and has been a staple in the small, majority African American town for years. 

Now, the church says it has the ability to buy church vans to pick up and drop off their elderly members to doctors appointments. 

“This is a blessing. It’s unexpected, but we just can’t stop giving. We just gave the Lord the credit. This could not have been done without Him.”