Fox News contributor Donna Brazile sent Twitter into a frenzy on Wednesday after telling The Five host Jesse Watters to stop his whining. Many Fox viewers were irritated by Brazile’s presence on the show, but others took particular issue with her use of ‘Jesus Christ’ as she mocked the pro-Trump pundit.

“I’m so sick and tired of hearing all the whining, all the whining, all this whining,” Brazile said, taking aim at Watters. “Jesus Christ, Jesse, I wish I could send you some tissues”

Brazile’s comments came after The Five hosts started ripping into Twitter over a fact-check notice that the tech company placed under Trump tweets about mail-in ballots that were deemed misleading. The staunch Trump supporters felt the move was an effort to silence the impeached president. Brazile disagreed.

“I think the social media platform company should regulate themselves and they should make sure that these conspiracy theories, the one the President put out about Joe Scarborough, it should be deleted,” Brazile added. “The lies need to stop. There is no First Amendment right to lie. Period.”

On Twitter, Trump supporters roasted the former DNC Chair, calling her a “horrible liar” and “moronic,” with many bashing her for “using the Lord’s name in vain.”  But liberals were quick to point out the hypocrisy in the outrage. 

“It’s hilarious watching Cult45 freak out because Donna Brazile cursed, while they cheer the most foul-mouthed president in history who has said things a thousand times worse on TV,” author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald wrote.

Another Twitter user added, “Republicans were dead silent when they heard Trump say ‘S–thole countries,’ ‘sonovabitch,’ and ‘bullshit,’ but are in a frenzy about Donna Brazile using language?”

“MAGA Cultists are angry at Donna Brazile for saying ‘Jesus Christ’ in an angry way on Fox as they simultaneously worship a foul-mouthed criminal who called NFL Players sons of bitches, said he could grab women by the pussy, called African nations sh–holes. STFU,” a third chimed in.

Despite receiving pushback from her cohosts, Brazile stood her ground on the show. She maintained that Trump’s tweets touting a conspiracy theory about a former employee of Joe Scarborough’s should have been removed, as well as the misinformation he tweeted on mail-in ballots. 

“I would have deleted the President’s tweets,” Brazile told the hosts. “You know why? It’s a bald-faced lie.”


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