Donald Trump Threatens To Sue His Accusers Once The Election Is Over
Win McNamee

Despite multiple accusations claiming otherwise, Donald Trump is standing firm and insisting there’s no truth to his alleged history of sexually assaulting women.

Trump and his team have consistently maintained his innocence as more women continue to speak out against the GOP presidential candidate. Now, he’s threatening to take legal action against all of them in the near future.

“Every woman who lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication,” Trump told the audience while speaking at a campaign rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. “The events never happened, never. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”

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Attorneys for the Republican presidential nominee also made similar statements about a future lawsuit in the wake of the accusations while attempting to refute the claims. Although Trump and his cohorts are adamant about all of the allegations’ falsity, they have provided little evidence to support their denial.

According to Think Progress, 11 women in total have come forward to accuse Trump of some form of sexual assault or sexist harassment so far. Among the allegations are claims of Trump groping their body parts, unwanted sexual advances, and making outwardly lewd commentary about their appearances.