Trump Uses Tragic Shooting Death Of Dwyane Wade’s Cousin To Campaign For Black Votes
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Chicago police are continuing to seach for answers about the senseless shooting death of 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge as the community leans on each other for comfort, but Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is using the tragedy as a selling point for his African-American outreach campaign.

Aldridge was fatally struck by stray bullets while pushing her baby in a stroller Friday afternoon on Chicago’s South Side. According to CBS, two males walked up and began shooting at a third man when Aldridge, who police have confirmed was not the intended target, was shot. The mother of 4 was soon identified as the cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade, who took to his personal Twitter account to speak on her death and call for an end to gun violence. 

As news of the incident began to make its’ way around the Internet with hundreds flooding social media with messages of condolences for the Aldridge family and Dwyane Wade, Trump decided used the tragedy as an example of why he feels he will win the African-American vote in November.

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Trump faced immediate backlash for the Tweet, with many, including actress Holly Robinson-Pete, pointing out the insensitive timing of his message. 

Given his history of strong support for the Second Amendement at all costs, it’s ironic that Trump would use a shooting in Chicago to attempt to appeal to Black voters. In recent months, Trump has spoken out against implementing several proposed measures intented to reduce gun violence, like stricter gun laws and more detailed background checks for those looking to purchase a gun. In October of 2015 during an appearance on Meet The Press, Trump even detailed why he believes stricter gun laws are ineffective in reducing or preveneting gun violence.