#TrumpInDetroit: 5 Reasons Donald Trump Won’t Win The Black Vote
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

We might not be staunch Donald Trump supporters, but we can’t deny that the GOP presidential nominee is quite tenacious as he continues his plea for Black voters

Over the past week, Trump made visits to Philadelphia and Detroit to meet with Black leaders in hopes of gaining a percentage of the large voter bloc. Unfortunately, the polls have seen no changes since recent “minority meetings,” and there’s a reason for that.

From his awkward interactions with Detroit locals to his first Black church experience – ever – Trump’s outreach to the Black community has once again proved why his fight for African-American support is a losing battle

Here are five things we learned from #TrumpInDetroit.

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1. He’s scared of Black churches:

2. He can speak openly with anyone, but always needs a script when speaking to Black folk (and it never works out well):

3. He takes extra security and a token Black escort (hi, Ben Carson) when going around Black people:

4. He has actually secured at least three new Black voters (yes, Burgess Owens we did include you):

5. Even babies aren’t impressed with him: