Don Lemon Says He Would Probably Be Like Malcolm X If He Wasn’t A Journalist
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In another life, Don Lemon would have aspired to be fighting for radical social change.

The CNN news anchor revealed in an exclusive with the New York Times magazine, that if he weren’t a journalist, he would have pursued a career similar to that of Malcolm X. 

“I’d probably be a writer like James Baldwin,” he said. “But not like Dr. King, even though I admire him. I’d probably be more of a Malcolm X. I believe the best way to improve yourself is to improve yourself.”

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Even though his role as a reporter is often up for debate among critics and audiences alike, Lemon isn’t worried about the opinions of others. 

“Instead of being offended or defensive or whatever, I try to be curious about why that person feels that way, why someone has that particular opinion.”

From his eyebrow raising comments on the New York City “stop-and-frisk” policy to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, Lemon said that there is a method to his journalistic approach.

The 49-year-old Louisiana native added, “I am setting out to inform people and to get people to think. I do think my career has been helped, because part of my job is to get people to have discussions.”