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Don Lemon Lands New CNN Primetime Show

The journalist will fill in for Erin Burnett while she's on maternity leave.
Don Lemon Lands New CNN Primetime Show
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After having success on the weekends on CNN, journalist Don Lemon is set to launch a new show on the network.

According to FTVLive, Lemon’s new show will air Monday through Fridays at 11 p.m. beginning in December. Currently, the network airs reruns of Erin Burnett’s OutFront in the time slot.

Lemon is expected to also take over Burnett’s show when she goes on maternity leave.

The controversial host’s upcoming show will be produced by Piers Morgan’s team.

Lemon’s been in the headlines lately for a number of reasons. If Twitter isn’t chatting about his haircut, folks are buzzing about his Black community comments.

Regardless of how one feels about him, folks will certainly be tuning in to see what he’s discussing.