Boxing Promoter Don King Uses N-Word To Introduce Donald Trump During Church Visit
Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

As the 2016 presidential election continues grows nearer, Donald Trump is doing everything he can to earn the much needed Black vote to become leader of the Free World – even hire Don King as his “Black church promoter.” 

The former boxing promoter is best known for promoting fights like “The Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manila.” But after recently taking on the position of another “optimistic” Black face on team Trump, it’s evident that King might want to take a break from the mic for a while. 

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Eager to get his point across regarding the various types of “negroes,” and the importance of their vote for Trump, the 85-year-old Ohio native introduced the GOP nominee to a group of Black pastors in Toledo, Ohio Wednesday afternoon by breaking out the N-word in the middle of his monologue.

“America needs Donald Trump. We need Donald Trump, especially Black people. Because you’ve got to understand my Black brothers and sisters, they told me you’ve got to try to emulate and imitate the white man and then you can be successful – so we tried that.”

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He continued, “I told Michael Jackson, if you are poor, you are a poor negro – I used the N-word. If you are rich, you are a rich negro. If you are an intellectual, you are intellectual negro. If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding n—r, I mean negro…” 

While King was going on, Trump held a straight face until heard the N-word, to which he let out a smirk for the remainder of Don’s “flattering” introduction.

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