When I decided to try Hairfinity, I was blown away by all the awesome testimonies on the company’s website and social media pages. No seriously, check out the #Harifinity hashtag on Instagram when you get a chance. Women of all ages, races, and even celebrities, were raving about what the hair growth supplement was doing for them.

So when a few of us were asked to try out Hairfinity for ourselves I jumped at the opportunity. I was about a year and a half into my natural hair journey and I felt like my hair was in a bit of an all around rut. My go-to styles/products weren’t packing the same magic, shrinkage was becoming unbearable, and my hair just didn’t seem to be growing as fast as it was after  first BC’d. I couldn’t help but constantly compare my hair growth to others at the same stage of their journey (I know that goes against all the rules in Embrace Your Fro 101) and for whatever reason, my hair wasn’t keeping pace. That being said, I figured Hairfinity would be the perfect jump start to get my hair back on track. 

A few days before I started I decided to do the customary “I’m starting Hairfinity” post on Instagram and Twitter. Shortly there after I was being sent messages/comments full of all kinds of horror stories. You know how it goes, you decide to try something new and then all of a sudden everyone has a “friend” who tried it and then [enter bad thing here] happened. Warnings included my face would break out, my scalp wouldn’t stop itching, and more. I decided to muster on, because I figured A) in my experience side-effect stories are exaggerated and B) I could always just stop taking it if things got bad.

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As things turned out I was right. Aside from some slight scalp itchiness the first two days, I felt completely normal my entire first month on Hairfinity. And although I knew not to expect crazy before-and-after results after just 4 weeks, I did notice some subtle growth changes. For example, I’m now able to tie my hair back in bigger sections (praying for the day I can rock a small puff ponytail) and my hair is now closer to the tip of nose than when I started (it was more at the bridge/middle). These small victories have definitely encouraged me to stay the course with Hairfinity. Can’t wait to reach the pinnacle 3-month check point!