On Sunday, celebrity deejay husband and wife team DJ KISS and DJ M.O.S. celebrated one year of marital bliss. Back when the hip “it” couple tied the knot we brought you inside their beautiful Louisiana wedding and shared their love.

Here at ESSENCE we’re all about celebrating black love, so now that the pair have reached their first big marriage milestones, we saw it only fitting to check in with them to find out what it’s like living and loving at the next level.

Read what the lovebirds had to say about what it’s like to call each other husband and wife, how music plays a role in their happy marriage, and when the kids are coming.

ESSENCE.COM: What’s year one of marriage been like for you? What do you love most about being husband and wife?
DJ KISS: It’s been ah-mazing! I mean, you know having him as my boyfriend and my fiancé, that was great, but I feel like he kind of mentally stepped it up. Like, this is not just my girlfriend — this is my wife. She’ll be popping out my kids. I will say he has always been 100 percent a gentleman. He was just raised really well and both of his parents are still married so he really has a great example of how to treat a woman. I fee like, for me, it’s just more mental. In my head, he really stepped it up a little bit. But like I said, he’s always been good to me.

DJ M.O.S.: I look at being a husband as being the next chapter in my life. It’s so amazing having KISS as my companion. I feel like more of a man, like I’m finally complete. It’s like you’re finally a man. It feels like when you’re single, you’re still a kid, who’s like running around and having a good time. But now it’s like I feel a new sense of responsibility. I have a partner – someone to look after, and someone to look after me. I think that’s the biggest difference in being a husband and that’s what I like most about it.

KISS: I really love just having someone there for you 24/7. Someone that loves me in the morning when I wake up and my breath stinks, and someone who loves me with my doo rag on. Someone who really just whole-heartedly loves me unconditionally and has made that commitment. And beyond that, I love being Masud’s wife because he’s such a great guy and so it makes me wants to step up and be the best wife I can for him because he really deserves that.

M.O.S.: She makes it very easy to be a husband. I don’t feel like our lives changed that much from when we were dating. We still have a great time with each other, and we still love each other.

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ESSENCE: With your crazy schedules and late hours, how and when do you find time to enjoy each other’s company?
M.O.S.: We mostly work at night, unless we’re traveling. So we have the days together, and we also try to schedule date night.

KISS: We have an infamous date night. We’re like, “Alright, tonight is date night!” We’ll just straight up do it like we’re still dating. Dinner and movie? Let’s do this. Also, I guess people with a more normal schedule kind of see each other and head out for the day, then they get home and they see their spouse and their kind of already tired from the day and maybe they don’t spend as much time as they’d like to. But for us, it’s kind of reversed. We wake up together. We have breakfast together. We share music, talk about work, and all that stuff.  Then at night it’s kind of when we kiss each other and go our separate ways.

M.O.S.: Sometimes we travel together also which is great. We did Paris together. We deejayed in Norway together — so, sometimes we even get to work together.

KISS: It’s really such a blessing that we get to do that. When someone books us, it’s like, what? I get to hang out with my husband, and get paid? Sign me up.

ESSENCE: Technically, you guys are the party, so how do you top that when you’re out together?
M.O.S.: We probably do the opposite. We’re not boring people, but we like to do boring things. Like go to dinner, go to the movies, sit on the couch and watch TV — the opposite of work. Since we’re the life of the party every night of the week, it’s good to really get away from that.

KISS: And it’s beyond our individual jobs. Maybe I’ll work three nights a week, and maybe he’s working two nights a week, so I’ll go and check him out two nights, and now I’m out five nights. Then we might go out for his birthday and that’s six nights. So any chance we get to keep it at home is such a treat for us. It’s like the more boring the better.

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ESSENCE: What role does music play within your marriage?
M.O.S.: We definitely have our songs. When we deejay together, there are songs that KISS knows if I play, she’ll know that I’m playing that for her, or there are songs I know she’s playing for me. Also, at the end of the night we play songs for each other. Music is definitely a big part of our relationship and I’m sure it always will be. It’s how we met.

KISS: We fell in love over music – literally – like a Brown Sugar moment. The System’s “You Are In My System” and “Don’t Disturb This Groove”, I swear, those are the songs we fell in love over. Right baby?

M.O.S.: Yes, yes, those were the songs!

ESSENCE: So what’s the two-year plan?
KISS: In the next two years we definitely want to start getting serious about starting a family, for sure.

M.O.S.: Having a family and being on the road doesn’t always work out that well. So just to have something else, like working in production or on television allows you to be home more. I don’t want to be an absentee dad, and she doesn’t want to be an absentee mom.

KISS: I can’t put my kids in my bag and head off to God knows where. I have to get a little more stable first, but we’re working on it.

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