DaveHax is a trained engineer but his true claim to fame is finding shortcuts to making life easier. With a YouTube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers he has used just about everything to make life a tad bit simpler. Well, he’s determined about using everything within one’s reach because his newest lifehack was turning our beloved afro pick into an onion slicer.

Last week he shared a video where he pierced an onion with the afro pick creating even lines to successfully and evenly slice the onion. He created sliced onions and even chopped onions with a breeze. He proceeds to slice a tomato and a lemon with exact precision. It goes without saying that this was not what the afro pick was designed for but you still find yourself in awe of the clever apparatus in creating perfected slices of veggies.

Personally I prefer to use it on our afros, but what do you think about this clever way to use them?

Check out the video here:

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