Did Hillary Clinton Miss the Mark with Her Kwanzaa-Inspired Campaign Logo?
Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton debuted a new campaign logo on Saturday. The former Secretary of State changed her Twitter avatar to the image which mimics the Kinara to commerate the beginning of Kwanzaa. Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Black Lives Matter Activists Black Twitter didn’t take too kindly to the change and quickly issued a clapback to the former First Lady.

Super questionable logos @HillaryClinton has used to secure black voters since announcing her candidacy this summer: pic.twitter.com/LUmeaTdMKX — Victoria M. Massie (@vmmassie) December 27, 2015


To be clear, @HillaryClinton‘s appropriated the classic RUN DMC logo, put Rosa Parks on the back of the bus & made a kwanzaa candle holder.

— Victoria M. Massie (@vmmassie) December 27, 2015

Maybe in 2016 @HillaryClinton will reach out to me through policy like an intelligent voter rather than pop culture & social media pandering — Victoria M. Massie (@vmmassie) December 27, 2015


Also, @HillaryClinton‘s past support of mass incarceration is fundamentally against the first principle of kwanzaa, umoja, or family unity. — Victoria M. Massie (@vmmassie) December 27, 2015


If Team Hillary doesn’t stop it with this logo… #Kwanzaa pic.twitter.com/rr4f4C9vxT

— Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) December 27, 2015

Folks are having fun with the Hillary logos, I see. pic.twitter.com/HnlFbJTh6D

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— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Cosby_) December 27, 2015

If In God We Trust Then We Goin’ Be Alright! #NewHillaryLogo pic.twitter.com/zDFyfZBOTB — Ziwe (@Ziweeee) December 27, 2015


Twitter critics put their own spin on @HillaryClinton‘s Kwanzaa Twitter avi by using the #NewHillaryLogo hashtag. pic.twitter.com/DGraT0ROhS

— NABJ USC (@USCNABJ) December 27, 2015

No matter what set you rep, you can count on Hilary to rep your country #NewHillaryLogo pic.twitter.com/6Gcf4NzBPf — Frozone (@Wamzy_) December 27, 2015


what a time to vote for hillary #NewHillaryLogo pic.twitter.com/NlGC3nOvU7 — tyra (@_tyreezy) December 27, 2015


Her team changed that avi though. Guess they got the hint from #NewHillaryLogo #PeoplePower pic.twitter.com/TA4EY7QSi7 — Darius Simpson (@Wordplay4Days) December 27, 2015

The logo design has since been removed from Clinton’s Twitter handle. What do you think of Hillary’s Kwanzaa celebration: Was it pandering?