After criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama for wearing a dress by British designer Alexander McQueen to the state dinner honoring China, Diane Von Furstenberg is now rethinking her comments. The designer recently said she’s “embarassed” about her comments and owes Ms. Obama an apology.

Earlier, Von Furstenberg, who is also chair of the Council for Fashion Designers (CFDA) had said the group was “disappointed” in Mrs. Obama’s decision to wear McQueen, rather than an American designer.

Von Furstenberg now says she is “embarrassed” by her comments and that she is definitely going to write to the First Lady. “She has been super supportive to American designers,” she added.

Ms. Obama’s decision to wear the McQueen dress has definitely caused quite the stir in the fashion world. Designer Oscar de La Renta was among the many to disapprove, and New York Times T Magazine editor Sally Singer opined that the dress was more suitable for a younger woman. While the fashion world may not agree, when it comes to her wardrobe, we definitely think FLOTUS makes the right choices every time.

The dress was and remains fabulous – congrats to the First Lady for stepping out in style!


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