With the onset of New York’s bi-annual Fashion Week, it’s always refreshing to hear about an undiscovered talent making their way onto the scene. This season, Houston native Kimberly Richardson will debut her ‘Kimber’ collection before hundreds of industry insiders at the acclaimed Art Institutes fashion show, taking place on Tuesday, February 16th.

Mixing classic romanticism with traditional drama, Richardson graduated from The Art Institutes last year (with a degree in fashion design), and was handpicked -along with 12 other designers- to present at this year’s event. 

I wanted to get the inside scoop on her self-titled, ‘Kimber’ brand before the show so, here’s a taste of what Richardson has to offer… Enjoy! 
ESSENCE: As you undertake the creative process (from concept to finish), who do you envision wearing your designs?
Kimberly: I envision my designs being worn by Tracy Ellis Ross! She’s such a free spirit and she would wear them well.

What motivates you?
I’m motivated by life, the everyday hustle of accomplishing things that people feel are impossible; strength is the will power that drives me to want more, and deep inside I motivate myself by saying, ‘all things are possible,’ as long as I see it!!
When did you realize that fashion was the road that you wanted to explore?
My mother and grandmother are both seamstresses and I loved watching them. It was something about pretty garments being made that attracted me. The look and feel of the fabric always inspired me… So, I figured I love clothes, why not make them?!  And, I just so happen to be awesome at this extraordinary art!
Why do you feel that your voice is important to the fashion industry?
Every designer has a voice, and if it’s good enough, it will scream out loud for you. Great designs (whether it’s the fabric or the design) will stand out!

Where can people find and purchase your items?
Follow me on Instagram or email directly me at richkim54@yahoo.com.

As an Essence.com exclusive, our readers can watch The Art Institutes fashion show live, on our site, on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016!

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