Here’s Why DeRay Mckesson Is Endorsing Hillary Clinton For President
Andre Chung

Prominent civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson is letting the world know he’s #WithHer.

Opening up about his decision to officially endorse Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in an op-ed for The Washington Post, Mckesson cites Clinton’s plans for pursuing racial justice as a strong influence on his support of her for the next POTUS.

“The next president will continue to shape the trajectory of justice and landscape of opportunity in this country,” he writes. “She will be responsible for how trillions of dollars in federal funding are spent, decide how to ensure both liberty and security in an increasingly interconnected world and determine the path forward on health care and Social Security. I am voting for Hillary Clinton.”

While Mckesson is firm on his decision, he also makes it clear that he’s not saying he agrees with all of Clinton’s stances.

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“Make no mistake, I do not agree with Clinton on everything,” he continues. “For that matter, there are few people in the world with whom I agree on everything. Her platform should call for an end to the death penalty. It should end the federal government’s ‘Equitable Sharing Program,’ which helps police take cash and property from people who are never convicted of wrongdoing. And when I met with her last week, I asked her to address not only how the federal government should treat nonviolent drug offenders but also the many others whose lives have been impacted by the system of mass incarceration. But I agree with Clinton more than I disagree with her.”

Mckesson also touches on several other important points in his piece, including his awareness of the fact that voting isn’t the only cure for issues important to the Black community, and how he wasn’t initially sold on Clinton as the best candidate for the job.

You can read his full op-ed here.


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