Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un to Co-Write Book
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Dennis Rodman announced that he will team up with “pal” and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to co-author a book.

“He gave me the rights for me and him to sit down and for one month me and him are going to write a book together,” Rodman revealed.

The former basketball player says in the time he will spend with Jong-un, he will not use his access for political purposes.

“I know one thing, he trusts me,” Rodman said. “I’m not going to be a partition, I’m his friend.”

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Rodman recently returned from his second visit to North Korea and says that Jong-un has asked him to return to train an Olympic basketball team. Rodman agreed to the offer and says the dictator is using sports as a way to encourage unity.

“Sports bring people together,” says Rodman. “That’s what the Marshal of North Korea wants, he hopes sports brings us together and bridges the gap.”

Rodman hopes his efforts to reach out to Jong-un will allow America to see North Korea in a more positive light and hopefully lead to harmony between the two countries.

“I know in time Americans will see I’m just trying to help us all get along and see eye-to-eye through basketball, and with my friendship with Kim,” said Rodman. “I know this will happen.”