The defense team called its last witness today in the Michael Jackson Doctor Trial. Dr. Paul White, a leading anesthesiologist and propofol expert took the stand to defend Dr. Conrad Murray.

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According to the L.A. Times, White is the defense team’s most important witness — without him their entire case could fall apart. Although White’s testimony was aimed to help the defense, White implied that Dr. Murray did, in fact, make several mistakes in providing medical care to Jackson.

“Without careful beside monitoring, it could be dangerous,” he said. When asked if it could end in death, he immediately replied, “If the infusion somehow came opened up widely… certainly you could achieve a significant effect that could result in cardiopulmonary arrest.”

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In all, White claimed that the level of propofol found in Jackson’s system suggests he self-administered the drug.

The prosecution will now have a chance to cross-examine White. Closing arguments are expected to begin next Monday, with jurors possibly beginning to deliberate at that time.

No matter the verdict, someone will be shocked.


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