A 65-year-old white Oklahoma woman has been charged with felony assault on a police officer and one misdemeanor for resisting arrest, after being pulled over for a broken tail light.

Debra Hamil wasn’t pleased about being pulled over in Cashion, Oklahoma, so she tried to negotiate herself out of a ticket. The incident was caught on bodycam, KOCO reports.

Bodycam video: Woman becomes aggressive with officer after refusing to sign ticket

"YOU ARE FULL OF S***!" | CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A 65-year-old woman became aggressive with a Cashion police officer, kicking him and resisting arrest, after she refused to sign a $80 ticket for a broken tail light.Christine Stanwood KOCO has the full story >> https://bit.ly/32TaJSu

Posted by KOCO 5 News on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

“So you don’t even give a warning for something like this?” Hamil asked, referencing her broken tail light.

“I’m not going to give you a warning for something you’ve been driving around for six months with,” the officer responded.

Not only did Hamil ignore the officer’s requests to step out of the vehicle, but she also tried to flee in her pickup truck. Once she eventually got out of the vehicle, the officer had to deploy his Taser to subdue the elderly evader.

When Hamil came to her senses, she tried to explain why she acted so unruly.

“Yeah, I did try to kick you because I’m a country girl,” she said. “Because I did not like being thrown on the ground.”