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Debbie Allen On Her Son Being Pulled Over By Police: 'He Knows How To Behave'

Allen revealed that her son was pulled over by police on suspicion of driving a stolen car after returning from vacation.
Debbie Allen On Her Son Being Pulled Over By Police: ‘He Knows How To Behave’
Goja/Getty Images

Award-winning actress Debbie Allen recently opened up about her son being pulled over on suspicion of car robbery.

The actress paid a visit to SiriusXM to chat with host Joe Madison and shared that following a vacation in Italy, her son was pulled over by police.

Thankfully, things didn’t escalate. “My son is twenty-nine years old, and he just bought his first really good car. He paid for it, he’s working…we came back from our vacation in Italy, so excited…The police stopped him, pulled him out of his car and asked him, “Is it stolen?” Pulled him into the back of their car and said, “Do you have drugs?” And, this could have gone any kind of way, but he knows how to behave now,” she said. Allen added that despite her son’s run-in with police, she isn’t going to condemn them all.

“At the same time, if you have a home invasion, we’re gonna call the police to help us,” she said.

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“There are so many policemen that are good people, there are so many that are here to serve, and that wear their badge with honor. There are people that are misplaced in every aspect of life. There are people that are teachers, that should not be teaching; there are people that are doctors that should not be doctors; and there are policemen that should not be policemen.”