Charlotte Teen Registers People To Vote As They Waited In Popeyes Line
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Over the past week, Popeyes chicken sandwich gained some fame after a hilarious showdown with Chik-fil-A and Wendy’s.

The result of that battle had the fast-food restaurant flooded with customers as people rushed to try out the $3.99 sandwich. However, one Charlotte, N.C. teen saw an opportunity in the congregation of so many people in one spot, taking it upon himself to help customers register to vote…even though he is not of voting age himself.

According to WLTX, 17-year-old David Ledbetter said that despite his age, he wanted to help others get involved.

“I decided to register people to vote after I saw there was a lack of young people politically involved,” Ledbetter told the news station.

On Saturday, he got 16 people to register to vote.

“I believe that it is our duty to vote as American citizens and it would be wrong not to exercise our political voice,” he added.


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