Using These Instagram Filters Could Be a Sign of Depression
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images via Getty Creative Images

We’re all guilty of trying to find the perfect filter to use for the photos we post to Instagram.

The selection debate could last for quite sometime before finally narrowing down the options, picking the one that’s just right and then hitting share for all our friends to see. But a new study shows that chosing one filter in particular could indicate signs of depression. 

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Research conducted by asked 166 participants for permission to analyze their Instagram posts as part of a clinical health and depression survey. 

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Of the over 43,000 photos, a correlation between photos with a darker filter, traces of black and white, grayer or blue hues and undertones and signs of depressive tendencies. 

Inkwell users take heed, talking it out may be the key to brightening up your feed.