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Dare to Be You: My 6"6' Stature Makes Me Fabulous!

"I am 6’6", bold and beautiful," says ESSENCE reader Alicia Jay.

This week, ESSENCE kicks off our #DareToBeYOU campaign. This initiative extends from the “Dare to Be You” feature in the October beauty issue, celebrating the unique beauty of real women. Each day, we will share stories from our readers who are living life fearlessly. To join in on the campaign, click here.

I dare to be me because nobody else could be or ever will be me. God gave me amazing gifts that only I can use. I am 6’6″, bold and beautiful. Growing up tall wasn’t easy. In fact, I was very depressed and at times it was unbearable. Thank God I overcame the teasing and stares. Now I fully embrace my height and shout “TALL IS BEAUTIFUL” to the world!

In embracing my height, I even started my own blog, Tall SWAG, which shares fashion tips for other tall women like myself. I was tired of being frustrated in my fashion life—everything was too short, too long in the crotch, grandmaish and outright not cute. My blog is where tall women can go to find fashion that fits.  It’s where I share my voice and my story and tell every tall girl that she is amazing.