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Faithful “Dancing With the Stars” viewers couldn’t have been happier with the two-hour dance-off last night. Lil’ Kim glittered, David Alan Grier played it stiff, and former NFL titan Lawrence Taylor quickened the pace.

It was no laughing matter as a stone-faced Grier performed the salsa with partner Kym Johnson. Although Grier boasted minutes before his performance that he and his partner were going to “step it up,” his stiff dancing never loosened up enough to create a true chemistry with Johnson. In the immortal words of his legendary “In Living Color” flamboyantly gay character, the judges simply “hated it!” and delivered him a paltry 17 points. Grier might be the weakest link in this show, but the funnyman deserves his props for taking criticism with admirable grace.

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Last season, former “DWTS” runner-up Warren Sapp proved that “fat boys can dance,” leaving behind a rich legacy for ex-New York Giant star Lawrence Taylor. And L.T. might just be that dude to fill Sapp’s shoes and do the darn thing. Despite receiving harsh criticisms last week, Lawrence and his partner, Edyta Sliwinska, held their own as they quickstepped with poise and confidence. He flashed his pearly whites after scoring an impressive 20 points.

Of course, we saved the best for last. There’s no debate: the Queen Bee is by far the best dancer and most dynamic performer to watch in the bunch. The raptress traded in her mic this week to showcase her ballroom dancing skills. And, yes the kinetic hip-hop queen won the judges over with her partner and last season’s champ, Derek Hough. Ironically, the two had a problem with keeping too much space between them. They chose the classic tune, “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend,” as Kim who has always had a rhyme or reason to deliver eight bars about baguettes and rocks, donned a costume draped in diamonds. Clearly all that glitters is gold because the queen and her studmuffin received the highest score at 23.

Come back next week for another dance-off with your favorite stars as they bust a move. Who do you think commanded the dance floor?

Tell us: Who’s your favorite dancer and who do you think needs a lot more practice?