Damon Dash Reveals What He Told Daughter Ava After ‘Lemonade’ Debacle
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A few months ago, the Beyhive went crazy just hours after Beyoncé released her latest album, Lemonade.

With obvious punchlines and sonic shots divulging the alleged ins and outs of her eight-year marriage to music mogul Jay Z, Beyhive members went on a mission to find out who embodied “Becky with the good hair.” Convinced that fashion designer Rachel Roy was the culprit responsible for a tumultuous time in Bey and Jay Z’s marriage, the Beyhive went after her with a vengeance after she uploaded a picture to Instagram with the caption “Good hair don’t care, but we take good lighting for selfies, or self truths always.” 

While Roy claims the post coincidentally coincided with Queen Bey’s album release, the Hive was not so forgiving of her – or her daughter, Ava Dash. 

Rachel Roy Releases Statement, Isn’t ‘Becky with the Good Hair’

Young Dash endured some pretty nasty messages on an Instagram pic that had nothing to do with her mother or Beyoncé. And like any teenage girl negatively thrown into the spotlight, Ava had a tough time coping with her unwarranted vilification. 

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Luckily, the 16-year-old found support from her father, Damon Dash. 

In a recent episode of BET’s Music Moguls, Dash reveals how he helped Ava through tough times. 

“Whatever happened with the Lemonade situation, all I know is that people were coming after my children and saying negative things about what I love the most…I understand what she’s going through. She becomes a product of her environment in that moment. So I’m not gonna have any judgement, plus she’s a teenager.” He continues, “The first thing I told her was block her Instagram and Tallulah’s…I had to be confident in the father that I’ve been and that she would not be ever afraid, or let a bunch of nerds or cowards make her feel scared or feel a way.”

Watch the full clip of Dame Dash explaining how he helped his daughter below.

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