‘Daily Show’ Star Jessica Williams Calls Out Beyoncé Haters
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After dropping a surprise new song along with an amazing music video, and then performing the single during half time of Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé left a lot of people talking. And it wasn’t all good.

Some complained that the performance, which featured a nod to the Black Panthers, was laced with racial undertones of police brutality and wasn’t appropriate for the primetime, nationally televised game.

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The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams is coming to the defense of Queen Bey by telling all those who had a problem with her epic and explosive performance to have several seats.

A clip from Tuesday night’s episode calls out the likes of commentators and politicians, including former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, who thought the halftime performance should remain “wholesome” for “Middle America.”

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Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani Says Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance ‘Attacked’ Police Officers

“Are you saying you can’t talk about race issues to middle America?,” Williams asked. “What are they, so delicate and unaware, and maybe so white, that Beyoncé is too much for them? You know what’s right in the middle of America? Ferguson, Missouri.”

Other commentators said issues regarding race should be left out of entertainment, to which a Beyhive member responded, “As a Black person, you walk around everyday constantly reminded that you are Black.”

Williams hilariously pointed out that by bringing Beyoncé in as a guest performer, race was bound to be a brought up because the singer is, well, Black.

Checkout the entire clip here.