Earlier this week a white woman standing outside of a CVS, unleashed a few choice words about members of the Black community. The tirade, which was caught on camera, has now left her without a job.

Heather Lynn Patton went viral after video captured her screaming about killing n—ers. In the short clip she is recorded saying, “I would kill a n—er but the law says I can’t kill the n—ers. If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n—ers they’d all be dead.” 

While the woman filming assumes she is on drugs, the visibly disturbed woman turns around and dismisses the claim, stating once again that she “hates n—ers.” 

According to the Washington Post the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the episode as a “hate incident” that took place at the CVS on Colorado Boulevard. Though news of any charges has not been released, Heavy reports that the woman has been identified as Heather Lynn Patton. 

According to the outlet, Patton is a 49-year-old LA resident who, prior to her firing, worked in the film industry doing costume design and other film crew roles. On Tuesday she entered the CVS and began verbally assaulting Adrene Ashford, the person who filmed the episode.

“I was in there shopping and she started screaming and yelling at me in the store. I ran to the front and begged them to call police, and said ‘she keeps calling me n*gger,’” Ashford told Heavy.

It is still unclear what provoked Patton’s outburst.