Customized Skincare Reaches New Heights By Testing DNA
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According to a recent study, customized skincare accounts for 12.2 billion of the international beauty sales. Brands like Skin Inc allow customers to customize their serum by taking a quiz to find their perfect skincare cocktail. Other companies like IOMA and Cureology have taken a more technological approach to beauty with the use of apps and machines that analyze everything from sun damage to dryness under infrared lighting. Two companies, however, are using DNA to develop tailor-made skincare.

At London-based retailer, GeneU, in-house retail scientists take a swab of clients mouths, analyze it and offer two serums based on their collagen production levels as well as their antioxidant protection score. GeneU founder and London Imperial College professor, Christofer Toumazou, states that the DNA-based skincare is about “Concentrations. It’s about optimized self. What is optimal for your DNA?”  

If retail scientists don’t do it for you, US based company Skinshift  tests patient DNA in a lab and recommend a combination of four serums and five supplements to achieve optimal skincare. In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Skinshift founder, Dr. Ruthie Harper stated that she believes “personalization and the use of genetics is a game changer.” However, DNA -based skincare is not a cure all for all of your skin woes, though it can be incredibly effective in improving aging and acne-prone skin; lifestyle and environment will also greatly effect the state of your skin.

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