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Curly Commentary: My Natural Hair Journey in Pictures

An ESSENCE reader shares the story of her curls in photos.

Like many naturalistas, I began my hair journey with the goal of growing a big, beautiful afro. I wanted big hair that people would marvel at, whisper about and post on Pinterest under the category “BIG HAIR DON’T CARE-SPIRATION.” However, my journey has taken a unique path that has lead to a place where scissors reign supreme, clippers are an envied tool and curls are chopped as quickly as they grow.

There are many other bloggers who can do a flat-twist in their sleep, but the truth is, I really stink at styling my own hair. Instead, my natural hair identity is made up of daring cuts and unique styles that allow me to look fresh and just rock a wash’n’go. Recently I underwent my second big chop, lopping off another 6” of hair! Here’s an up-close and personal peek into my natural hair evolution over the years.

Cassidy Blackwell is the founder of Natural Selection, a blog that chronicles the global culture of natural hair. Blackwell is an avid traveler and regularly hosts events celebrating and educating the natural hair community. Follow her on Twitter at @naturalsblog.