If you’ve ever wanted the chance to live in the world of Spike Lee, now’s your chance!

The famed Brooklyn brownstone that served as the set in Spike Lee’s 1994 film, Crooklyn, has been purchased and converted into Arlington Place, an idyllic bed and breakfast that opens to the public tomorrow.

“You have that respected history of the house, but also show the evolution of Brooklyn with some shout-outs to modern Brooklyn aesthetics,” owner Liz Mandarano, who bought the building in 2013 and has spent the last two years renovating it, said to DNA Info

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Visitors have the option of staying in one of three rooms, which go for $195 to $250 per night.

“What’s more important about the movie is the sense of community it shows in Bed-Stuy,” Mandarano said about the historic neighborhood. “It’s a very easy place to feel comfortable talking to your neighbors and getting to know them. That was the intention of the bed and breakfast.”

For more information about Arlington Place, visit the B&B’s website.