Have you ever been to a children’s party where they are doing arts and crafts and you wanted to join in on the fun? So have we! Tie-dying and making jewelry can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids. It’s so refreshing when you can let the little girl inside be free and have fun. This weekend, you can throw a party just for your inner little girl. Round up the girlfriends and have a night of creative fun. Girls Only You aren’t the only one who’s inner kid needs to be set free for a night. Your friends have more likely than not abandoned their inner little girl as well. Send them all a cute text message inviting them to your place for some girl fun. Let them know that there will be music, food and crafts. Be sure to remind them to RSVP. Preparing for the Night After your friends have RSVP’d you’ll know how much you need to buy at the arts and crafts store. You can go to your local crafts store or a Toys R Us to get craft kits for the party. While you’re strolling down the aisle in the store, make sure you pick up tie dye kits, beading kits or even apparel design kits. The more variety you have the more fun you’ll have. Adult Responsibilities Although this is supposed to be a fun and relaxed party, you still have hostess responsibilities. With all of those creative juices flowing, your friends are guaranteed to work up an apatite! Everyone will be consumed in their projects and having a good time. They aren’t going to be interested in a full dinner, so you can get away with simple quick fix appetizers. It’s also your responsibility to make sure that there’s music. Play you’re favorite hits from when you were a kid! Those song will surely bring back fun memories that you all can chat about. Most of all, your responsibility is to make sure that every little girl in the room is having fun, including yourself. For tips on how to pull off a great night of arts and crafts with the girls, click here.