More Couples Ditching Professional Wedding Photographers In Favor Of Guest Photos, Could You?
© 2008 Jose Luis Pelaez

A recent report from The New York Times reveals that modern brides and groom are doing more than just creating cute wedding hashtags for social media nowadays.  

Wedding guests are now becoming the official wedding photographers at their friend or relatives’ big day. More newlyweds are now relying on their guests to capture the special moments from their wedding day.

Technology’s prowess has equipped the average Joe with tools to be your next wedding photographer (think smart phones) and it looks like some couples are now ditching more expensive professional photography packages in favor of browsing their friend’s Instagram or social feeds or for the visual story of their special day.

Millennial Wedding Guests are Breaking Their Pockets to See Friends Tie the Knot


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“The reality is you’re going to have as many phones as there are pews. You can crop out as much as possible, but their presence is a statement of where we are today. It defines the time,” wedding photographer Brian Dorsey told The New York Times.

The formalities of weddings are shifting every day as budgets get smaller and grandeur ceremonies start to become less of a bride’s dream. Weddings are becoming increasingly causal and couples are opting to forgo traditional services for more affordable yet unique trendy options.

We’ve seen formal catering change to food trucks. We’ve seen wedding gowns turn into cocktail dresses. We see wedding officiants turn into friends and now photographers are being replaced with cell phones, GoPros and iPads.

Not everyone is in favor of the friends-only photo experience.  Some couples still want their wedding day captured by professionals. 

“Aside from the fact that someone’s head will be cut off or someone might be cropped out accidentally, you want a dedicated professional there to ensure you get all of the memories and photos you want. I think it’s a lot of pressure to ask guests to take pictures,” explained event planner Jono Waks in the Times article.

Would you ditch a professional photographer for a visual experience created by wedding guests?