Could Dr. Conrad Murray walk away with no jail time at all if convicted? Though it’s not likely, he may certainly come close.

According to a new California law that went into effect on October 1st, people who are convicted of non-violent felonies will not be sent to State prison because of overcrowding. The alternative is to send criminals to County Jail.

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An involuntary manslaughter conviction would be covered under the new law.

What’s more interesting is that the L.A. County Sheriff officials are telling TMZ that Murray would more than likely serve two years of a possible four-year maximum sentence because of overcrowding in the County system, and therefore may qualify for house arrest.

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To qualify for house arrest, the Sheriff must review the criminal’s background to determine whether they will be a threat to the community. Given that Dr. Murray has no previous record, he would likely receive house arrest after a brief stay in the County Jail for processing.


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