Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team has dropped the claim that Michael Jackson self-administered a fatal dose of propofol by ingestion. They will, however, proceed with the premise that Jackson may have injected himself with propofol.

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According to USA Today, attorney J. Michael Flanagan mentioned that he commissioned a study about the effects of the powerful anesthetic if orally ingested — however studies rendered the findings “trivial.”

“We are not going to assert at any time during this trial that Michael Jackson orally administered propofol,” said Flanagan.

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It looks as if the trial may be winding down with the news of today’s events. In addition, prosecutors have revealed they have three more expert witnesses to call to the stand. Each will testify against Murray about his actions on the days before and after Jackson’s untimely death.

Just yesterday, prosecutors showed a gruesome photo of a dead Michael Jackson on a hospital gurney prepared or an autopsy. Witnesses who took the stand strongly suggested it was unlikely Jackson self-administered propofol in the two minutes Murray left the room.


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