Conrad Murray Completes Involuntary Manslaughter Sentence
Getty Images

Early Monday, Conrad Murray was released from a Los Angeles County jail after completing two years of a four-year involuntary manslaughter sentence for the death of Michael Jackson.

According to CNN, the former doctor was escorted through the back exit for “safety and security” reasons.

The sheriff’s spokesman, Steve Whitmore, said during Murray’s time in jail, he was kept away from the general inmate population. He was also reportedly given liberal use of the telephone.

Murray’s lawyers alerted the press that his client will be seeking to reinstate his medical license in California, Texas and Nevada.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 after a lengthy trial that saw 49 witnesses, including many medical experts. Jurors believed that Murray was negligent in delivering the powerful anesthetic propofol to Jackson.

His attorneys argued that Jackson gave himself the fatal dose. During his two years in jail, Murray filed an appeal and voiced his complaints about the conditions numerous times.