Confronting the ‘Other Woman’: Do or Don’t?
Hannan Saleh

New Bravo reality show Blood Sweat and Heels debuted on Bravo TV last night and it did so with a bang. We were introduced to six fiery NYC entrepreneurs who made it clear that they have opinions and styles of their own.

Style expert Daisy Lewellyn hosted her Brooklyn Brunch series, an event in which she not only serves brunch but also delves into issues surrounding women, “Oprah style,” as her associates put it. The conversation quickly went from a discussion on women’s capability as leaders (we’ll save that side-eye for later) to men and their infidelity. It was plainly stated that men are cheaters and that because of this, one must not only snoop through their things, but if something is found, further action should be taken. You know, like calling up the “other woman” he’s been dealing with.

When the topic of approaching other woman came up there was really only one opposing viewpoint and it came from A Belle in Brooklyn author and Lewellyn’s co-star, Demetria Lucas. Without hestitation Lucas said that if she has to call a woman about her man, he obviously doesn’t belong to her and is actually the other woman’s guy. Most of the other women seemed to disagree with her stance and some even deemed her as “not compassionate.’

What do you think? Are there times that it is necessary to confront another woman? In that situation, is the man really worth it? Do you feel like a fool?

Have you ever had to confront another woman? And if so, how’d it turn out? Let’s discuss!