UPDATED: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sat in the same hot seat that President Obama endured almost a week ago. Wearing a modest black suit with pink satin highlights with a skirt hem that fell slightly above the knee, Rice dropped by “The Tonight Show” on March 24 to talk about what she’s been up to since leaving her post. In between getting more sleep, playing her piano and improving her golf game, Rice has been working on several book projects including one about foreign policy and another about her parents, who were educators in Birmingham, Alabama, during the civil rights era.

As far as the current administration is concerned, Rice is respectfully closed lipped about what she thinks thus far. She did say that she admires President Obama and believes his election was “special,” but in her opinion, the Obama regime deserves their opportunity to do the job at hand.

When host Jay Leno took things even further by asking who she voted for, Rice, ever the staunch politician, replied, “that’s why they have a secret ballot.”
Even after serving this country as the highest ranking African-American woman in government for eight years, she revealed a number of aspects about her life and upbringing that most people may not know. Here are the five surprising things the former secretary mentioned during her appearance:

1: She was friends with one of the girls who lost their life in the 1963 church bombing in Alabama and remembers the event all too well.
2: Her father became a Republican because, at the time in the 1950’s, when he went to register to vote, the Republicans didn’t ask him to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops.
3: She was once a Democrat who voted for Jimmy Carter because of his old-time Southern charm but changed her mind when she believed that Ronald Regan could do a better job.
4: Little did we know that Rice originally had hopes to be a concert pianist after having studied piano since she was 3 years old. She admits, “I could read music before I could read words.”
5: She enjoys listening to the rock group Led Zeppelin, especially when she’s working out on her elliptical machine.

Even though she’s living her life as an ordinary citizen and says she doesn’t miss her time in government, don’t be surprised if you see Condoleezza Rice resurfacing in a few years. Just like Schwarzenegger, she’ll be back.—WLW


Condoleezza Rice Hits the ‘Tonight Show’

She’s been out of the spotlight for awhile, but Condoleezza Rice will resurface tonight. Following President Obama’s sit-down with Jay Leno last Thursday, the former secretary of state will chat with the “Tonight Show” host this evening.

Last weekend Rice was invited to speak to an NFL owners’ meeting. According to the Associated Press, she said, “I am prepared to answer any questions on Russia, the Middle East, advice for the draft, the zone blitz. And why no one should ever run a prevent defense.”

We’re curious to hear what Rice will say about the job Obama’s doing thus far. We’ll be watching.—ZH