In celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Supreme Court Brown vs. the Board of Education decision  that school segragation was not equal on May 17, 1954, invited Chi-town rapper and actor Common to serve as their guest editor and choose his favorite Civil Rights photos and explain why they resonated with him.

The image above featured Chicago demonstrators walking with a purpose really hit home for Common.

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“What really stands out to me was the sign that the gentleman is holding: “Human dignity must win.” It made me think, Man, this is all we were reaching for: Dignity. Respect. To be looked upon as humans, as part of humanity. To think that I even lived in this city, and that by the time I got there some of the fighting and sitting-in and picketing they had done resulted in me being able to go to any school of my choice… To know that I walked these streets, it kind of hit me.”–KNB

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