If the official Tiger Woods fantasy female count gets any higher or any trashier, most people wouldn’t bat an eye. The initial shock at his complete disrespect of his marriage vows, role-model status, and “I know your mother and father raised you better” behavior has many people asking one question: Why?

Some folks think that the answer lies in the fact that he is following in the footsteps of the traditional superstar male athlete. You know, with an unchecked libido and a woman in every city. A scenario where unbridled male sexuality meets scantily clad desperate women. Maybe it’s good for a Lifetime movie, but reinforces a generalization primarily associated with young male black athletes.

More probable is the fact that Tiger is a highly competitive, and probably compulsive individual who places a high value or both risk or reward. His fierce desire for privacy has left a deep void about what we know as it relates to his underlying personality and development. We have assumed that he is a “good guy” because of his success on the golf course.

Born of an African-American military father and Asian mother, one small insight is a statement that he texted to a mistress but whatever. He texted that “pressure is having a military father and an Asian mother”. Read into that statement what you want, but perhaps Tiger had a need to let off steam among other things by partying with porn stars, waitresses, and washed-up reality stars.

Or wait a minute, could Tiger have a psychological condition, an addiction that he can’t control? Could Tiger be a sex addict?

It is estimated that up to 3 to 6 percent of adults in the US have a sex addiction. They may compulsively watch porn, masturbate, daydream and fantasize about sex or sexual activity or have multiple affairs. The end result is a significant interference with their work and family life. Like other addictions, a decline or disruption in usual functioning is a consistent finding.

Take this test to see if you are a sex addict.

Do I think that Tiger is a sex addict? No. I believe that he has likes sex, enjoys a variety of women and that he simply should have never gotten married.

He needs therapy, not a label as an excuse for his very bad behavior.

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