I just called the Foster Care agency to check-in and for the first time my case worker remembered me!  I usually have to say my name and a very long “remember me” story before he makes the connection of my name, face and  paperwork.  I guess I’ve bugged him enough because today he immediately cut me off mid-sentence with a warm “Hello!”   I’ve been checking in with him every few weeks to stay high on his radar.  Once I am eligible for fostering a child I want to be at the top of his list, no question.   The past 2 weeks have been strange for me.  It’s the first time that I have done very little towards my fostering and adoption plans.  I thought that I would be taking the MAPP classes now but I had an unusual amount of personal and business commitments in May that prevented me from starting.  I am waiting for the new session to begin June 19th which feels light years away. Another agency is leading the new session and my agency is only allowed to recommend 1 person to the class.  So although I have been registered for over 3 weeks I just want to make sure that no one forgets me and they do not register someone else in my seat. In the meantime I’ve been very quiet.  Prior to this I have been actively researching every day to help me decide between agencies, fostering vs. private adoption agency, domestic vs. international, etc.  Now that I’m clear on my decision and my next step is 4 weeks away all that I can do is wait and save.  So as you can imagine I am anxious and ready to keep moving forward.   My case worker said “Hopefully you don’t change your mind before the class starts.”  I laughed out loud.  No way will that happen!    Just had a thought – I need to read baby books!  Ironically, the only one I know about offhand is “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  OK, so that’s what I will do.   Off to!  Let me know if you know of any good new baby or infant parenting books. Click here for more My Adoption Chronicles with Tamara Francois