I remember during a Christmas Party one year, I felt very, very small as I sat there listening to a room full of people talk about how lame minivans were.  There were not many topics discussed that night that everyone was in total agreement with….we had some interesting debates.  However when the minivan topic came up, they ALL agreed that they would never ever ever be caught dead driving one!!!I did not say anything. I just looked at my husband and gave him an embarrassed grin. It took a lot for me to decide to get a minivan.  I too was one of those people that would not be caught dead driving one.  But once our third child came along, I had to take action.  Therefore, I turned in my sporty Audi A4 for a Volkswagen Touareg. I knew I did not want a huge gas guzzling SUV.. so a small sporty SUV was the best choice…right??  WRONG!!! From day one, the kids were squished into the backseat.  After about 5 months, I was forced to turn in my sporty SUV ( with the leather seats, wood grain, and DVD players in the headrest) for a minivan. Now-a-days, the only wood that can be found in this van is the mulch that the kids tracked in.  But the kids are happy!! They loved the van from the start.  And I must say, we were very comfortable on our family vacation this summer. I am not to the point where I can proudly proclaim “I love my Van”  as one mom told me in the mall parking lot one day.  I smiled but could not return the sentiment.  But I can say that I am happy that the kids have space and that they are comfortable.  If I want to be sporty, I will just have to wait until my husband gets home to drive his car. Essence family, Are Minivans Lame? If you have one do you love it? Why? Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are the creators of the award-winning blog They also are behind the bestselling DVDs Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage and the newly released You Saved Me. The Tylers are also the proud parents of four children.