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College President Says Offensive Term Was Slipup


A typo found in the Des Moines Area Community College handbook is raising a few eyebrows. Instead of reading “Black History Lunch and Learn” for a February 16, 2009, calendar entry, students found “Black History Linch and Learn” on the page.  Even though it is spelled incorrectly, some say it is a close reference to the word “lynch,” a racially offensive term.

The president of the school, Rob Denson, assured students that it was simply a mistake and had no intent to offend anyone. “Sometimes things happen that just defy the odds,” said faculty member Sue Gibbons to The Des Moines Register. The handbook, which was allocated to 10,000 DMACC students, will be reprinted to correct the slipup. In the meantime, the school is offering stickers to cover up the error.