Chanequa Campbell, a senior at Harvard University, is trying to clear her name. Three weeks before she was supposed to graduate with her degree in sociology, Campbell was linked to the murder of Justin Cosby, 21, who was shot on May 18 on her dorm’s doorstep, according to the Authorities are claiming that Campbell was friends with another Harvard senior, Brittany Snow, who was allegedly dating  Jabari Jordan Copney, the man accused of Cosby’s murder. However, Campbell is saying she’s innocent, didn’t know Co and had no part in the shooting and has not been charged with anything. However, five days after the incident, Campbell received a letter stating that she had to move off campus by May 22 and would not get her diploma. She has since hired an attorney to sort out the issue.

Campbell spent most of lher junior year abroad as many students do, traveling to 12 countries and  taking classes in England and Italy.She had planned to return to Europe after graduation when this incident occured.

Campbell has said she didn’t know Cosby, though she is friends with Copney’s girlfriend who had the gun used in the shooting in her dorm room. Snow meanwhile is preparing for graduation while Campbell is back home in Brooklyn, New York.

Attention to Campbell shifted when, in an interview with The Globe, she talks about being singled out because “I’m Black and I’m poor and I’m from New York.” Over 100 supporters have filed an online petition asking Harvard to explain their reasoning for not allowing her to graduate.—WLW